Week Update of 4/22/2012 thru 4/28/2012

Posted by Manny Frade on 4/29/2012
Caught 3 Waxy-stools this week. Waxy stools are considered to be the "plug" that opens the path for the babies to be delivered. Babies can be born withing hours to up to a week sometimes longer once the waxy stool is deposited but no mistake about it, the time is near and if all goes well our next Blog update should have some news of litters born. The Waxy Stools were deposited by a Paradigm bred by Motley het Sharp, a Salmon Motley het Albino bred by a Sunglow, and a 3H Bloody Sunglow bred by a 3H bloody Sunglow. Also we caught some POS sheds The Post Ovulation Sheds aka POS we caught were from: a het Leopard boa bred by a visual Leopard. A Salmon Jungle het Albino bred by a Motley Sunglow, also a POS from a Red Hypo that was bred by a Harlequin line Motley.

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