Week Update of 4/01/2012 Thru 4/07/2012

Posted by Manny Frade on 4/9/2012
This week we saw the true signs of our breeding season coming to a close. Pairs which have been trying for weeks and months have no longer shown interest for the exception of a few. We've been fortunate that most of our projects at LEAST ovulated, for the exception of a few of course however our key ones we are happy to inform could be gravid and only time will tell. We saw an ovulation this week from: Hotley female bred by a Jungle het VPI, Hypo Jungle het Albino bred by a Sunglow Motley. We saw POS from: VPI bred by a special male TBD, and a het BWC bred by a Jungle het BWC. we now are only 25 days away from our first litter and time is moving so slow. We have seen many interesting things in this 2012 season and we will be blogging about some interesting signs that may be keys to breeding success we witnessed.

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