Week III of Baby Boas Born 2012

Posted by Manny Frade on 5/21/2012
Litters started for us on April 29, 2012. This is the recap of our 3rd week of the season. Week III Litter 4: We bred a OT Hypo het Anery with a Red Line Hypo to see what would happen, we were very pleased with the outcome. ½ of this litter is het for Anery. Here are some pictures: OT Hypo Mot het aery x Redline OT Hypo Mot het aery x Redline Mots poss anery Week III Litter 5: On our 6th litter attempting the Bloody Albino/Sunglow- a viable baby was born. Its hard to put into words the feeling of seeing this guy in there. The litter sizes for this project are just so tiny they've ranged from 10-18 and just do not cover the odds, it requires luck on your side to make the bloody albinos. And luck was not on my side until today. The closest was in litter number 4 a kinked bloody which did not survive was born. Just wanted to share this bit of news. Thanks for looking. Bloody Sunglow/Albino sunglow, bloody, bloody sunglow Here’s a post shed Bloody from last weeks 3H Bloody Sunglow x 3H Bloody Sunglow litter: 3h x 3h b. 5.13.2012 Coming up this week should be: Motley Sunglow Litter Albino Leopard Litter These we hope to update you in next weeks recap. Thank you! Manny

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