Week II of Baby Boas Born 2012

Posted by Manny Frade on 5/14/2012
Baby litters began for us on 4/29 so now we just closed on the second week of babies for us. We only had 1 good litter, we were expecting a bad one and it happened as expected. Week II- Litter III: “Triple-Het Bloody Sunglow” x “Triple-Het Bloody Sunglow (Lipstick Female)” gave way to a litter of 12 perfect babies, 1 stillborn and 0 slugs. No surprises no Blood Albino nor Blood Sunglow, this makes our 5th litter 70 animals roughly produced and 0 Bloody Albino/Sunglows. There was 2 bloody salmons, 1 Blood, 1 sunglow. The Mom of this litter were born from a Lipstick line Sunglow in 2009. It was a true lipstick and not a “lipstick line” We missed out on the goal yet again, but fortunately there are still a few more chances at later in the season. Pictures: TH Lipstick litter 05_13 Post shed picture of Week I’s Litters: Bloody Sunglow/Snow project: Quad het litter post shed Motley Parahet: post shed mot parahets

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