Social Media

Posted by Manny Frade on 3/11/2013
In the 6-7 years that social networking has taken to literally revolutionize the world as we knew it, it's difficult to think back how we promoted ourselves prior to. What used to take weeks in the form of paper advertisement in the different industry mags 10-15 years ago, or days creating and uploading banners in reptile mall sites, is now a simple tweet or status done in the time it takes one to think of the message. Albeit these "updates" are viewed usually by your already followers but that's the center of concern usually and in seconds you just got them the information. Many followers retweet or share your statuses and this is what is referred to as "viral." Amazing stuff, we are constantly using other media to grow our fan base, and other media should never be overlooked, but this week we reached 20,000 fans on Facebook, a goal we only dreamed of reaching and thought it would make for an interesting blog post. We know some day there will be even more exciting and ingenious communication mediums but Social Media is really an amazing tool to inform and stay informed. We thank you for coming back to read our blog and look forward to your visit again soon. Thank you. Manny Frade

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