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Perfect Predators is a Boa Constrictor breeding specialized facility, and also we breed a number of Ball Pythons and Crested Geckos. Presently our main focus is rare morphs of Boa Constrictors and quality locality too, we work really hard to offer to collectors and hobbyists worldwide only the best the hobby has ever seen. Our Boa Constrictor collection is amongst the most diverse and our adult stock collection was a labor of love comprised over time line of many years.

Our discriminate choice policy as to what boas make "the cut" to breeding stock is clearly displayed in our "Collection" tab, a must see while visiting our website. We are a licensed Global Importer and Exporter and can send our captive bred Boas and Pythons to most any collector around the world In addition to being global exporters we hold a "Master CITES" permit number, which allows us to ship our animals most anywhere in the world in as little as 48-72 hours. An amazingly fast process reduced from weeks perhaps months to just hours. Please see our Terms tab to learn more.We are Fluent in English and EspaƱol, and we are proud to say we reply to all emails within 6 hours or sooner.

Hi I'm Manny Frade, GM of Perfect Predators, I have been a reptile enthusiast as far back as I can remember. Friends and family say they don't remember a time since I can walk when I wasn't catching and releasing or housing a creature, usually a reptile, and feeding it and raising it. It's a life long passion that still thrills me to this day.I am proud of our animals and proudly offer them to others around the world, please browse our site and if you honor me by buying one of our offspring I guarantee you will be satisfied or your money back!

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